Welcome to the first day of Tucson's monsoon.

It'll probably be hotter today than it was Friday.

But the National Weather Service says there is a teeny, tiny chance of rain. Tucson is on the western edge of some early monsoon moisture, and a little rain fell Friday near Sahuarita and at Fort Huachuca.

Dew points hovered in the 50s for much of Friday, which is why it felt so miserable. About 6 inches of rainfall can be expected on average before the monsoon season ends Sept. 30.

When the rains will start is still a guess. We'll be drying out and getting hotter after today, with temperatures rising to 110 degrees by next Saturday.

Hot humor with fitz

David Fitzsimmons, the Star's cartoonist, asked for help with the line, "It's so hot ..." and Star readers happily shared heat-related zingers on the Fitz blog and Facebook. Here are some of them:

• Environmentalists made friends with Freon - Robin Hoover

• I saw a Gila monster hitchhiking with a sign that said "ALASKA" - Shari Scott

• I actually have an emotional connection with my air conditioner. It completes me - Ryan Brown

• I saw a dog chasing a cat, and they were both walking - Bert Shetler

• And still the fat won't melt from my thighs - Mary Albert

• Forecast says "Solar Flare" instead of "Sunny" - Jeri Ferguson Jahnke

• The saguaro is now known as the so-hot-o - Gilbert Ybarra

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