Here are the fourth- and third-place finalists in the Star's summer weather photo contest.

The second-place and winning photo will be published Thursday.

The winner, based on votes on the Star's Facebook page, will receive a $400 carwash package and a coaching session with Rick Wiley, the Star's director of photography.

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Fourth Place

• Name: Jonathan Bodle

• Where: Taken from my front porch in Catalina. It's looking west over the Tortolita Mountains.

• When: Bodle didn't remember exactly when he took the photo, but said it was likely in July or August 2011.

• Equipment: Samsung compact

Third Place

• Name: Chris Heising

• Where: Taken on Aug. 2, 2011, from my backyard. The mountain in the photo is the Rincons. While photographing lightning strikes, this one got a little too close for comfort. This was the last frame I shot before packing up and heading back inside. Of my many lightning shots I've taken, this one is still my favorite and most memorable.

• When: Aug. 2, 2011.

• Equipment: Canon EOS 7D camera with a Canon 17-40mm F4L lens set to 19mm.