While most of Arizona’s political attention is focused on races at the top of the ticket, those for Congress and the governor’s office, statehouse candidates continue to rake in donations this year.

Legislative candidates, like those for other state offices, are eligible for public funding.

But court challenges over how much they can get to match spending by privately-funded opponents and independent campaigns has nearly all of them running traditional fundraising efforts.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of dollars are flowing into campaign coffers of various Southern Arizona legislative races, state records show.

Contributions and expenditures shown are for this reporting cycle only. Totals for some candidates may also include balances left from earlier cycles or previous campaigns.

District 2

Incumbent Democrat Andrea Dalessandro raised $13,758 and spent $2,419.

She had $14,978 on hand, about 11 times as much as her Republican opponent, Daniel Estrella. He raised $1,700 and spent $351.


Incumbent Democrat Rosanna Gabaldón raised $14,648 and spent $665, mostly on voter mailing lists. She has $15,860 in her campaign coffer.

Incumbent Democrat Demion Clinco reported only one donation this quarter, $320 from his mother.

Republican challenger Chris Ackerley raised $769, including $314 of his own money, and spent about half. He has $711 on hand headed into the primary.

District 3

Political newcomer Sal Baldenegro, a Democrat, raised more money than incumbent Democrat Olivia Cajero Bedford, but the two are evenly matched on money headed into the primary.

Baldenegro raised about $5,000, spent about $2,000 – about half on mailers – and has $3,000 left over.

Cajero Bedford raised $1,130 and spent $1,577. She has $3,144 on hand.


Fundraising is low in this uncontested House race. Macario Saldate has $2,506 on hand. Sally Ann Gonzales’ campaign finance report is overdue.

District 4

Incumbent Lynne Pancrazi, Democrat, filed a campaign finance report that shows she is preparing for a fight in the general election.

She raised $6,400, including contributions from lobbyists and political committees, and she spent about $2,000, mostly on a campaign consultant. She has $22,597 on hand.

Her Republican opponent, Connie Uribe, has $7,170 at the ready, including nearly $1,500 of her own money along with contributions from medical and real estate professionals.


Charlene Fernandez, Democrat, led the fundraising race, and she didn’t spend a dime. She gathered $5,625, including $4,000 from the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 99 PAC.

Incumbent Democrat Lisa Otondo raised $500 including $200 of her own money, spent about half, and has $3,342 on hand.

Jose Suarez, Democrat, raised $135 on $5 Clean Elections contributions.

Republican Richard Hopkins raised $341 and spent nearly all of it.

District 8

Major Democratic donors Bill and Alice Roe, of Tucson, are backing Barbara McGuire, who brought in $3,465, spent $2,533 and has $1,392 on hand.

Three Republicans in the race have less cash at the ready.

Irene Littleton raised $2,474, including $500 of her own money, and has $844 on hand.

Alan Pease, Republican, raised $1,455, including $1,000 from the Paul Babeu for Arizona campaign. He has $624 on hand.

Harold Vangilder raised $1,830 and has $365 left to spend.


Republicans in this four-way primary race are amassing cash, hinting at a contentious campaign season.

T.J. Shope collected $13,269 this quarter, including $3,950 from political committees, and he has $53,990 headed into the primary.

Frank Pratt raised $3,940, including $2,000 from the Pinnacle West PAC, and he has $28,911 at the ready.

Darla Dawald raised $20,438, including $15,253 in Clean Elections funding. She has $16,341 on hand.

Wayne Bachmann raised $1,255, including $700 from his family. He has $813 on hand.

Democrat Carmen Casillas reported no fundraising for the quarter.

District 9

Incumbent Democrat Steve Farley, who is running unopposed, raised $18,608 and has $27,903 on hand.


This three-way race is amassing large war chests, hinting at an expensive campaign in the coming weeks.

Incumbent Republican Ethan Orr raised $18,989 this quarter, including over $3,000 from political committees. The state representative has $77,867 on hand.

Challenger Democrat Randy Friese collected $50,064 this quarter and spent $19,440 on his first campaign for public office, including over $5,000 on political consultants.

Incumbent Democrat Victoria Steele raised $19,688 for her re-election campaign, including $2,300 from political committees. She has $9,103 on hand.

District 10

Incumbent David Bradley, Democrat, has raised $4,014 for his re-election campaign. He has $5,719 on hand.

Challenger Mark Morrison, Republican, raised $2,123 in Clean Elections contributions in the last three months. He has $2,205 on hand.


Incumbent Democrat Stefanie Mach has raised $4,070, with $1,000 coming from political committees. She $4,873 on hand.

Incumbent Democrat Bruce Wheeler took in $14,890 in campaign contributions in the last quarter, with $5,310 coming in from political committees. He has $26,551 in his campaign coffers.

Challenger Todd Clodfelter, a Republican, raised $1,975 in campaign contributions. He has $1,227 on hand.

Challenger William Wildish, also a Republican, only raised $330 with Clean Elections donations. He has $138 in the bank.

District 11

In the three-way race for the Senate seat, two Republicans and one Democrat raised more the $55,000 to take retiring Senator Al Melvin’s seat.

Republican Scott Bartle brought in $32,905 in contributions. He has $35,457 left in his campaign war chest.

Democrat Joe Holt got $27,445 in contributions. Holt has $27,164 on hand.

Republican Steve Smith got $7,575 in campaign donations. He has $18,110 in cash reserves.


In the race for the two open House seats, three Republicans are fighting to replace Reps. Adam Kwasman and Steve Smith, both of whom are seeking other elected offices.

Vince Leach raised $8,013 in the last three months, with 1,600 coming from political committees. He has $41,184 cash on hand.

Jo Grant raised more than $7,505 in campaign contributions. She has $5,474 cash on hand.

Mark Finchem received $1,905 in donations and qualifying Clean Elections funding. He has $1,155 on hand.

Holly Lyon, Democrat, got $20,578 in donations and qualifying Clean Elections funding. She has $16,722 on hand.

District 14

Republican incumbent Gail Griffin is running unopposed. She has raised $3,400 in campaign donations, with $2,600 coming from political committees. She has $34,553 on hand.


Republican incumbent David Gowan has brought in $12,000 in campaign donations. $4,300 came in from political committees. He has $43,593 in cash reserves.

Republican incumbent David Stephens has raised $6,614 for his re-election campaign with $1,600 coming from political committees. He has $23,781 on hand.

Republican challenger Susan Syfert has raised $6,760 in donations. She has $474 cash on hand.

Democratic challenger James Burton has raised $2,335 in donations and qualifying Clean Elections funding. He has $1,856 on hand.

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