Downtown Radio

Downtown Radio needs microphones so it can host bands, and an on-air light.

Mamta Popat / Arizona Daily Star 2015
Downtown Radio

Mission: Playing non-commercial music and attempting to destigmatize seeking help for mental- and emotional-health issues.

Wish list: Support for construction costs totaling $700, at least three high-quality microphones to host live bands in the studio, on-air light to allow studio guests to know when the DJ is live, new or gently used office chairs.

Address: 1036 S. Fourth Ave., Tucson, AZ 85701; 820-3482;

Castañeda Museum of
Ethnic Costume

Mission: Cultivating respect for all the world’s peoples and cultures by educational, ethnic textile, doll and mask exhibits.

Wish list: Monetary donations for supplies, acid-free unbuffered tissue (40” x 500’), artifact identification tags (1.5” x 3”), Canon printer ink, individual and packages No. 226 and 225.

Address: 3550 E. Thimble Peak Place, Tucson, AZ, 85718; 299-4129;

Project YES
(Tucson Urban League Inc.)

Mission: Preschool and after-school program for grade-school children to help them achieve and thrive in their education.

Wish list: Sporting equipment — basketballs, soccer balls, bouncing balls; snacks — chips, juice packs, cookies; school supplies — crayons, pencils, notebooks, markers; scholarship money, as many children cannot afford to attend unless scholarship money is provided for them. This can be done at

Address: 2305 S. Park Ave., Tucson, AZ 85713; 275-0349;

The Primavera
Foundation Inc.

Mission: Providing pathways out of poverty through safe, affordable housing, workforce development and neighborhood revitalization.

Wish list: Laundry detergents for our three different shelters; feminine hygiene items (tissues, wet wipes, maxi pads, tampons); travel-size hygiene items (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, foot powder, razors); Crew cab ¾-ton pickup truck.

Address: 151 W. 40th St., Tucson, AZ 85713; 308-3116;