Did you ever have a week — or two — when things just went wrong? Not seriously wrong but you knew you were off-track.

My first mistake was buying coffee beans instead of ground coffee. I figured coffee beans were a good idea because I own a coffee grinder, though I’d never used it.

Last spring when a mother quail gave birth to baby chicks, I bought the grinder to prepare food for the little ones. Alas, as some readers may remember, the mother abandoned the chicks.

I saved the chicks but now own a brand-new coffee grinder; thus, the coffee beans. The beans would have been grand except I was so excited at the store that I filled three bags — two with regular dark roast and one with decaf, but neglecting to write what each bag contained, I have no way of knowing which one contains decaf.

You can see my dilemma. Imagine giving my guests, or myself, regular coffee when we think it is decaf. We older folks can’t drink regular coffee after 1 in the afternoon or we stay up all night.

The second incident occurred at a nail salon. Feeling quite stressed, I picked at my nails, causing great damage. Lyn, my nail tech, agreed to squeeze me in on Sunday before I required a complete set of nails.

Relaxed now and at the salon, I heard the techs mention that a client was late. They started joking around and everyone in the shop was laughing, looking out the door for the client. She arrived only five minutes late! Such a fuss had been made that I innocently shouted, “Glad you finally got here. They were about to call the police.”

How could I have known the client was Olivia Kennedy, a homicide detective with the Tucson Police Department? Talk about being embarrassed. I haven’t blushed like that since I realized I had tissue paper stuck to my foot as I was leaving a restaurant!

Strange things kept happening. Two weeks ago I had so many rattlesnakes at my front door I thought they were there for a convention. Advice from the fire department was to stop feeding the birds and rabbits and stop putting out water. Not happy, I followed their instructions, but I missed watching from my den window the birds and rabbits and whoever else showed up to.

Last week a few small frail-looking bunnies showed up. How could I resist? I put out some carrots twice a day, restraining myself from filling the water bowls since I was told water attracts snakes. (Even snakes get thirsty when the temperature is over 100 degrees.)

The next day the rabbits were happily chomping away when three quail came by, chased the rabbits and grabbed the carrots! They miss the food I used to offer for them. So I gave up and put out bird seed, carrots and water. And guess what? Not much action out there. Now I’m feeling abandoned!

I wonder if Mr. Snake will be at the front door in the morning.

Alexis Powers is the author of several books and lives on the northwest side. Email her at northwest@azstarnet.com or view her website at www.alexis-powers.com