Debbie and I are baby boomers, so we were teenagers in the 1960s and early '70s. For those of you who recall that time, it was the heyday of discos and dancing. Remember "Saturday Night Fever," the iconic disco movie set in Brooklyn?

Deb and I were no different than many of our cohorts who got caught up in the era, when platform shoes and extra-long and extra-wide bell-bottom pants were the rage.

Debbie and I have reminisced about those days when we could enjoy a night of "our" music as we attended one event or another. We longed for music whose lyrics we know and that brings fond memories and smiles to our faces.

A couple of weeks ago, our friend Krista told us about her friend's band playing at the Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort and Spa on East Ina Road.

Figuring her description of the experience was too good to be true, we asked a few questions.

"Smoking allowed?"


"Do they start playing before 8 p.m.?"


That's all it took. We headed for the resort

Well, folks, it seems our kind of dancing may be making a comeback. We went out to the resort's Lookout Bar & Grille and listened to the band Trade Secrets, which is scheduled to play again there on April 5. (You can find more info at online.)

Since then we've found out it isn't the only place to catch the group. A co-worker told us about the Oracle Inn Steakhouse in Oracle. Going there was another fun experience. It's a nice place with a restaurant side and a bar featuring pool tables, TVs and a great dance floor.

Trade Secrets started playing, and, boy, do those folks at the Oracle Inn like to boogie down. Folks of all ages and backgrounds danced their hearts out.

Now I've heard that rock 'n' roll clubs are starting up at retirement communities. Can you imagine? What are we going to see next, Studio 54 on Oracle?

Out on the dance floor I closed my eyes for a moment and time stood still. I remembered the countless times I had listened to these lyrics and danced to the music. Although time goes on, some things just don't change.

Enjoy the journey,


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