We got an early Mother's Day gift on prom night, which was two Saturdays ago. Like many of you we are enjoying the last days of the spring before the heat of summer is upon us. That also signifies the start of high school prom season and graduation days.

That Saturday was a special one in our home, as our daughter was getting ready for senior prom. The previous couple of weeks had had an air of anticipation.

There was much talk of what to wear and who she was going with, making for weeks of preparation as we enjoyed our student's final days in high school.

I had been thinking about this moment since the beginning of senior year. What would I see about our child that I had not seen before? What discoveries would come with looking back over the first 18 years of her life with us?

It was so cool to see Debbie getting a chance to be mom to a daughter. I really had to hold back tears as I enjoyed swimming in that sea of pre-prom festivities. These are the moments that stay with you a lifetime. All the other times of growth and separation come full circle as the pas de deux of the mother/daughter prom rituals unfold.

Before we went for a morning workout, Debbie had just one more thing to do: go over her checklist one more time.

Later, the girls were at our house and the camera was recording the last-minute preparations. With a pressing of a blouse, a straightening of her hair and that certain pose, you see slices of your child's life.

It was almost like a double graduation ceremony that I was getting to watch in real time. A young woman getting ready to accept the challenges of being a female in this new world we live in. And as this is our last child to send off into the world, my wife seems to be graduating at the same time. Her biggest hope is for is her children's smooth transition into adulthood.

All the years of preparation to be the best parent and role model that she could be came reeling back at her.

It is ironic that the better she was at being a mom, the better our children would be on their own, armed with such great confidence and skills.

Happy Mother's Day!

Enjoy the journey,


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