Education, your body and communication seem to be the subjects I am constantly discussing with my kids. With graduation season here, it is the time of year that I look at the wisdom others have shared with me that I might impart to my children.

Your education leading to your graduation is just the start of a lifelong journey of learning. The technology age is the evolution of my generation. You are the first to inhabit the digital age. It will change the way we learn for our lifetime in ways we cannot imagine. Just embrace the idea of change and learning is inevitable.

The cost of your education, however, is something we need to work on. The burden on you to pay off school loans is self-defeating. This is especially true of a society needing to encourage as many brave minds as possible to be free from the limited options when overburdened by onerous school loan payments.

Take care of your body and mind; you have a long way to go. You'd better be looking down at your body and into your mind while you wrap your arms around living 100 years. You and your body are now in partnership. The things you do to it and put into it will affect how long and at what level it will serve you.

For the first time we are looking at ways to measure just how much a body is "abused" by unhealthy habits. Estimates of how much additionally it will cost the person (and their insurance company) who continues to exhibit unhealthy choices is being done. Self-responsibility in health choices has seen recent inroads in workplace/insurance rules changing.

Exercise and good eating habits are now a must instead of an option. Each of the new grads should look at themselves as pioneers in the brave new world called healthy lifestyles. With the cost of healthcare rising each year as more people live longer and more productive lives, we must see prevention as the ultimate goal - "quality of your life for as many good years as you are afforded on this earth."

Your era of communication styles/gizmos is amazing to us who graduated only 40 years ago. What you can do with just your phone is more than any gadget even the United States government had 40 years ago! You are so connected that your "digital world" rivals your "real world" and both have become inexorably linked.

The possibilities to make this earth a much smaller and safer place are multiplying as fast as the technology can change and improve itself. The ability to communicate and collaborate with folks all over the world means innovation can be done at speeds never thought possible.

Your jobs will be to see that we all remain connected in a positive way. It will be imperative that everyone has the ability to be connected to this new digital age.

Lastly, I say thanks to those of you who have helped me and folks in my generation as we adjust to your world in the digital age. I especially thank you for your patience.

Congratulations to the new graduates and let me be the first to say it is our generation's job to stay firmly "connected" with you and your generation.

Enjoy the journey,


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