You can do it!

That's what I would like to tell everyone in our community who has thought about changing their life by getting a healthy lifestyle.

In May of 1996 I sat on the tarmac of Newark Liberty International Airport waiting for the plane that was taking my family and me to our new life in Southern Arizona.

I looked down the row at my young children, who were 8 and 2 at the time, and said, "This is going to be the greatest Disneyland ride we ever took."

When we told folks in Westchester County, N.Y., why we were leaving, it was very hard for many of them to understand. The lifestyle available to those who live just north of New York City in an affluent suburb is amazing.

But that was exactly the point to me. I had grown up in New York City and this was the life I thought I aspired to. I came to realize that I wanted to get a life, not a lifestyle.

That realization prompted us to sell our well-established dental practice, retake board exams and restart our practice here where we knew no one.

Starting over from scratch can be a humbling experience. But it does allow you to wipe the slate clean of preconceived notions and learn from your "other" life's experiences.

Looking back, we feel we chose well. We found our place, where the pace of life allows us to take care of ourselves while being able to live the life we realized we wanted.

As many of you know, back at the beginning of the year I pledged to have a flat stomach by my 60th birthday, which was Sunday. I did it and then some!

I have to say that the final leg of my journey to a healthier lifestyle was much less traumatic than I ever dreamed. OV Fitness 24 supplied my personal trainer, Sam Kappel, and he made all the difference in the world.

I did not know how much of a science healthier lifestyles had become. When you mix good eating habits with good sleeping habits and exercise with purpose and persistence, the results are nothing short of amazing.

What is most amazing to me is that I feel like I have lived the dream we had envisioned while sitting on that tarmac in Newark 16 years ago.

I hope to inspire you to help us make this the "Healthiest Town in America." You can do it!

Enjoy the journey,


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