Grandparents are so smart.

One of the things I love so much about this community is that many of the folks "chose to be here."

That so many folks get to the point in their lives and are privileged enough to have the courage to take control and choose where they want to spend at least part of their lives is huge to a community.

Many of these folks are in the grandparenting stage of life.

There is much wisdom and flexibility as they enjoy aging well, along with the wonders of their grandchildren.

For quite some time, I have noticed a pattern among those who have grandchildren living in other parts of the country. Sharing their photographs and videos of their grandkids is a tradition in our office.

What a joy to share the excitement of grandchildren and children through photos.

Maybe these grandparents are becoming the pioneers in the new, connected world in which we live.

Maybe they are helping to create change in the way we decide where we live, instead of choosing where we work.

I spoke in my last column of how we chose to come to southern Arizona because it was best for the lifestyle we wanted, not because of a job.

That choice allowed us to put all those things we felt were important to our quality of life at the forefront, along with the quality of life for our children. It is a privilege that Debbie and I have never taken lightly or for granted.

Folks would love to do what grandparents are doing every day in our community, living where they want while using technology to stay connected to those who are very important in their lives.

Everyone has favorite photos on their cellphone.

Grandparents have adapted well to enjoying what's going on "over there" while enjoying the fruits of living here.

My great hope is that those in the workforce follow in the footsteps of our current grandparents and stay connected.

Enjoy the journey,