Sometimes you lose perspective about who people are representing - and that is a good thing.

That is what I was thinking a couple of weeks ago during the last site council meeting of the year at Canyon del Oro High School.

I had been thinking about what that meeting would be like since the beginning of the school year. I knew this was our last year as parents going through a high school year. What would it be like? What resounding climax would it have? And I was not disappointed.

As I sat and looked at the many familiar faces in the room, I realized they were so familiar that I forgot what component they represented, and that was a good thing!

When Deb and I started on site councils way back in 2002, we learned that with a two-year commitment you really got a chance to get to know folks on the council. The time spent together over time seemed to be a key factor in the comfort level and ability to focus on the task at hand.

As I gazed around the room full of students, parents, teachers, administrators, ancillary staff, the PTO president and principal it all seemed to blur together. At one time folks at the meeting were defined by the "job" they had in the system. Over time I could see that I had lost perspective of that. We all had gone to a new level.

Job title or position of importance is secondary to the children. Each one of us is there to maintain focus on the prize, which is the best education for our kids.

As the meeting was coming to an end, I felt a rush of happiness. I knew it had been a great experience because I wanted to say thanks to all of the people who had stepped up for the kids in our community. It is a great feeling to get to say a personal thanks to each one of these special people.

Ultimately the last person I got to say thanks to was Julie Cota. Like many parents with a teenager, there came a time when I felt I needed divine intervention to give us the strength and wisdom to do what was best for our child. Julie to the rescue! Julie proves that high school counselors are not just for students.

I'd like to encourage parents to consider volunteering at their children's schools. It is the best way to send a positive message to your kids. If school is such a big deal that my parent makes time for it, then it really must be important.

The things you will learn will help you in raising your child in a world where they can benefit from all the school has to offer. And best of all, during these challenging economic times, it is quite a value.

Enjoy the journey,


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