Have we been humbled enough?

I don't know about you, but for me this year seemed to be filled with moments that stopped me in my tracks. It was as if God wanted me to pause and recognize the importance of the happenings in my world.

The year started off with the realization that the recession was still going to be around for yet another year.

The challenges of more months of hard economic times made us stop and evaluate what was important in our lives. Being humbled by the recession made many realize what's important is who we are as people and families, not what we do for a living.

We went from local elections in the early part of the year right into the most contentious election seasons I can remember on the state and national levels. It was a time of constant bombardment of opposing messages that seemed to bring out the worst in our society. It was humbling to see our great nation being torn apart by the polarization of the elections.

The happenings at Penn State University revealed a part of our society that has been in the shadows for what seems to be eons too long. Each day we read about what had happened to children at one of our most respected institutions. As more and more information came to light, it was enlightening to know that these incidents and many more like them are part of our society - and that the Penn State revelations forced people in power to finally put our children first and the economic and social impact on institutions in their proper perspective.

Most recently, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School humbled me so much that it took days before I could comprehend what had happened. It made all of us stop and look once again at the most important and valuable part our lives: our family and our children.

All in all it seemed that many of the challenges that humbled us this year revolved around making us confront what is important in our lives when our world seems in chaos. Maybe the year as a whole was meant to be a series of lessons. Combined, they made you feel so humbled by happenings and revelations in our society that many, including myself, have felt the need for divine intervention to help light a path from the pervasive bewilderment.

My hope is that we all can learn lessons from 2012. I hope we have a new perspective on the importance of family and our children as we enter 2013 filled with opportunities and love for the people closest to us.

Enjoy the journey,


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