We asked well-known figures from the northwest side to share their New Year’s resolutions. Their reactions ranged from wistful to pragmatic and ambitious:

“My New Year’s resolution is to finish strong academically before graduating in May. I also want to develop my leadership role for my last spring practices as a Wildcat.”

— Jared Tevis, Canyon del Oro High School graduate, University of Arizona football player

“I’d like to take more time off of work. That would be No. 1 — just to take off; to go somewhere. Go on vacation. I could sit on a beach somewhere. Just sit somewhere and do nothing for a week.”

Jon Post, Marana vice mayor, agriculture mogul

“Last year at this time I was getting ready for Miss America as Miss Arizona, and I had a resolution right in front of me. This year, my resolution is to work on my overall health and work on my overall relationships. For so many years as a young competitor and as a young lady, I was involved in pageants and focused on the upcoming competitions, but now my goal is to work on my overall health.

“Another one I’d like to really focus on is family time. My brother just got back from Afghanistan and he decided to move to Chandler. The last one is I want to focus on grilling. I got a grill for Christmas and until this year had been getting clothes and shoes for Christmas. I want to make some fun recipes.”

Piper Stoeckel, 2012 Miss Arizona, dance instructor at Oro Valley’s Heart and Soul Gymnastics Dance and Fitness

“One, to become a better coach. Continue to develop my craft of coaching; learning and being able to adjust. Two is to focus on my family and make sure that every day I give them as much love as I possibly can, because you never know when time will be cut short. Third and final is to live hard. Go as hard as I possibly can. Get as much as I can out of each day. Hopefully, that leads me to much success.”

Clarence “Bam” McRae, Mountain View High School football coach

“I only make one resolution every year, and it’s the only one I’m ever able to keep. It’s that I resolve never to make New Year’s resolutions.”

Joe Hornat, Oro Valley town councilman

“It’s really a big transition time in my life. My youngest daughter went off to college. It’s time to really streamline my life and get things really efficient and organized so I can do what I can to continue to serve society better. I also want to gain more wisdom and spend more time with people who make me laugh. I have friends that make me laugh, and they know who they are. I’m really going to focus on productive partnerships: working with people that are getting things done and moving forward.”

Joyce Rychener, 2013 Oro Valley volunteer of the year

“I have three: To enjoy and embrace every moment in my last season; to visit my family more after softball is over; and to start a new chapter come July (after the World Series, of course).”

Kenzie Fowler, Canyon del Oro High School graduate, University of Arizona softball pitcher

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