A group of volunteer firefighters in Mammoth is raising money to make sure the town’s residents have fire protection that most people take for granted.

Members of the Mammoth Volunteer Fire District seek to raise $6,000 to buy and install 1,000 smoke alarms for residents who lack them.

According to a 2012 U.S. Census estimate, the Pinal County town 49 miles north of Tucson has 1,470 residents.

Chief Marty Ponce said the 10-member force has noticed a lack of alarms when visiting homes on calls.

“We’ve had to go to houses on medical calls, and after looking around, noticing some stuff and asking about it, we decided to come up with this,” he said.

Rick Sanchez, chairman of the district’s board, has been hitting the phones. He’s solicited a total of $500 in donations so far from Home Depot, Walmart and Pat’s Auto Repair. The group is in discussions with a casino, which Sanchez hopes donates as much as $2,000.

Fundraising efforts started in October and will go until Dec. 15, when the district plans to buy the alarms.

“We’re seeking donations so we can help disabled people and low-income people in Mammoth,” Ponce said. “We’ve got a lot of people who we could help by getting these smoke detectors in their houses. It will help them when an emergency situation arises. This will help them, especially since they probably can’t afford to get one.”

Ponce said smoke detectors are crucial safeguards that alert victims to an otherwise silent danger.

“It’s very important that people have smoke detectors, especially when they’re asleep,” he said. “This will bring peace of mind, and it’s also part of giving back to the community. We’d hate to see a fire going and have someone perish.”

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