Oro Valley Mayor and Council candidates

June 05, 2014 12:00 am

The ballot is set for the Oro Valley Mayor and Town Council election.

Because any candidate who gets more than half of the votes in the primary is considered the winner, all of the races could be decided in the primary election, Aug. 26.

Patrick Straney is challenging incumbent mayor Satish Hiremath.

Straney said he would help bring the divided Town Council together.

“I know the power of a shared vision, clear objectives and measurable results,” he said.

In his 40-year career in business, Straney said, he learned about due diligence, setting up joint ventures, being responsible for profit and loss, and putting together diverse and strong-willed people to work as a team by finding common values and building on them.

Hiremath said he too knows about business. He has operated a dental practice in the town for 22 years.

As mayor, he said, he’s “forged exceptionally strong relationships” with public and private entities around the metro area.

In four years, he helped the town turn a $3 million deficit into a $1.7 million surplus, with money left over to pay for major parks and infrastructure projects, Hiremath said.

In the Town Council race, four candidates are running for three seats.

Two-term incumbents Joe Hornat, Mary Snider and Lou Waters point to the town’s fiscal responsibility, recent media attention for good public safety, cooperation with neighboring towns, and an uptick in growth as proof their time on the council has been successful.

“We brought Oro Valley through its first depression ever, since it’s been incorporated,” Snider said.

The council could have accomplished even more if there hadn’t been so much mud-slinging and name-calling, said challenger Donald Bristow.

He regularly attends and speaks at council meetings and is now running for a seat at the dais.

If he were on the council he would create a neutral position or swing vote between two opposing sides of the group, he said.

Bristow wants better midterm and long-term planning for the town, and he wants the council to stick to the town’s planning documents and to not make exceptions to town codes.

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  • Lived in Oro Valley: 24 years

    Age: 50

    Employer and position: Dentist and owner at Hiremath Family Dentistry

    Education: Bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Michigan; doctorate in dental surgery from Howard University

    Political experience: Mayor for four years, past chair of the Regional Transportation Authority Board and the Pima Association of Governments Regional Council

    Top priorities: Continuing the forward progress that Oro Valley has achieved, balancing the budget, and keeping strong public safety. Continuing strong partnerships with public and private entities to better the lives of our residents, keeping basic service as affordable as possible, and creating resources and services for residents who truly need help.

  • Lived in Oro Valley: 9 years

    Age: 68

    Employer and position: Retired manufacturing manager

    Education: Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University)

    Political experience: Elected to the Rancho Vistoso Community Association board and served as president for six years

    Top priorities: Bring a strong business-based leadership and governance to the town. Provide an atmosphere of civility, in which diverse ideas can be heard and vetted. Continue to strengthen relationships with regional municipalities, universities/colleges and businesses (large and small) in an effort to build mutually beneficial partnerships going forward.

  • Lived in Oro Valley: 15 years

    Age: 71

    Employer and position: Retired businessman and consultant

    Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Michigan State University; MBA from Wayne State University

    Political experience: Elected to the Wildridge Homeowners Association, president for three years

    Top priorities: Restore the Town Council to a decision-making team through civility and cooperation. Help create a citizen-centric council. Balance the needs of our citizens and our business community. Improve fiscal responsibility. Preserve our environment, culture and history. Maintain quality of life and public safety.

  • Lived in Oro Valley: 8 years

    Age: 71

    Employer and position: Retired telecommunications director

    Education: Three years of college in electrical engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology; drafted into the Army, serving two years at Fort Huachuca

    Political experience: Council member for four years

    Top priorities: Annexations, continuing to improve sports tourism, expanding parks, public safety.

  • Lived in Oro Valley: 15 years

    Age: 63

    Employer and position: Retired from healthcare management career

    Education: Two years of college in business at Portland State University and Mount Hood Community College

    Political experience: Council member for four years; Arizona Automobile Theft Authority Board for six years

    Top priorities: Continue with economic development in the biosciences. Keep the town fiscally sound. Continue to involve youth in our government. Preserve public safety.

  • Lived in Oro Valley: 12 years

    Age: No answer

    Employer and position: Broadcast journalist

    Education: Five years of college at the University of Minnesota in architectural engineering

    Political experience: Council member for four years

    Top priorities: Parks, public safety, water, roads, further annexation, public art.

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