Which town pays its employees more - Oro Valley or Marana?

The Arizona Daily Star sought to answer that question by doing a public-records request for the information.

Here's what we found:

• Oro Valley generally pays more to employees in key positions.

• Oro Valley pays better for the positions of town manager, police chief, public information officer and finance director, among other jobs.

• Marana pays its Town Council members more than twice what Oro Valley pays.

Marana's population is about 37,000 and its median household income is $66,841. The town has 319.33 full-time equivalent employees, and the median income for town employees in 2012 was $46,042.25.

Oro Valley's population is about 41,000 and its median household income is $71,628. The town currently has 330.69 full-time equivalent employees, and the median income for town employees in 2012 was $40,193.83.

A couple of notes: A pair of Oro Valley Town Council members took office midway through fiscal year 2012 so received only a half-year's pay. Also, all the figures here include total earnings, not just base salaries.

Oro Valley Marana



Satish Hiremath


Ed Honea

Town Council


Brendan Burns


William Garner


Joe Hornat


Lou Waters


Mike Zinkin


Dave Bowen


Patti Comerford


Herb Kai


Carol McGorray


Jon Post


Roxanne Ziegler

Publicity/public information


Misti Nowak


Rodney Campbell

Town manager


Greg Caton


Gilbert Davidson

Police chief


Daniel Sharp


Terry Rozema

Town engineer


Craig Civalier, (retired)


Keith Brann

Finance director


Stacey Lemos


Erik Montague

Other six-figure earners


Philip Saletta, water utility director, Oro Valley, $133,155.78

George Dunscomb, magistrate judge, Oro Valley, $120,947.28

Larry Stevens, deputy police chief, Oro Valley, $120,164.18

Ainsley Legner, director of parks, recreation, library and cultural resources, Oro Valley, $111,075.58*

Paul Keesler, director of development and infrastructure service, Oro Valley, $110,582.33**

Tobin Sidles, town prosecutor, Oro Valley, $114,054.86

Kenneth Larter, police commander, Oro Valley, $106,260.42

Aaron Lesuer, police commander, Oro Valley, $106,260.45

Shirley Seng, water utility administrator, Oro Valley, $100,584.59

*Retired. Kristy Diaz-Trahan has taken over the position, which is now called director of parks and recreation. Diaz-Trahan is slated to make $91,000 this year.

**Keesler has assumed retired town engineer Craig Civalier's responsibilities. The vacancy left by Civalier is still being evaluated.


Frank Cassidy, town attorney, Marana, $140,158.79

Del Post, deputy town manager, Marana, $130,398.87

Charles Davies, town magistrate, Marana, $104,844.49

Carl Drescher, technology services director, Marana, $104,526.73

Jane Fairall, deputy town attorney, Marana, $103,853.75

Reuben Nunez, police captain, Marana, $102,727.46