2014-01-30T00:00:00Z Deaths Arizona Daily Star

The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are given if available.

Ballesteros, Julia C., 92, homemaker, Jan. 22, Carrillo’s.

Bengtsson, Virginia A., 71, company owner, Jan. 27, Adair.

Coan, Louise A., 98, aircraft mechanic, Jan. 20, Carrillo’s.

Cota Sr., Marco A., 72, track supervisor, Jan. 25, Carrillo’s.

Deback, James D., 42, telemarketing, Jan. 26, Adair.

Edwards, Andre R., 19, customer service representative, Jan. 8, Carrillo’s.

Hartung, Florence E., 83, social worker, Jan. 18, Adair.

Hernandez, Hortencia S., 95, secretary, Jan. 22, Carrillo’s.

Hoff, Philip L., 88, salesman, Jan. 28, Adair.

Jordan, James, 60, Dec. 28, Adair.

Martin, Craig, 67, pre-press supervisor, Jan. 28, Adair.

Martinez, Arnulfo B., 79, carpet layer, Jan. 23, Carrillo’s.

Murphy, Conn, 95, welder, Jan. 25, Adair.

Ohlmaier, Donald M., 53, layout engineer, Jan. 18, Carrillo’s.

Padilla, Arnoldo D., 78, machinist, Jan. 20, Carrillo’s.

Purdy, Donald, 82, Air Force, Jan. 25, Adair.

Soto, Irma I., 89, homemaker, Jan. 22, Carrillo’s.

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