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The deceased are from Tucson unless otherwise noted. Occupations are given if available.

Acamo, Renest R., 68, Air Force, April 12, Bring’s.

Augustyn, Bernard M., 80, weapons specialist, April 14, Bring’s.

Balla Jr., Frank, 85, salesman, April 24, Bring’s.

Bennett, Martha, 93, homemaker, April 16, Bring’s.

Beveridge, David C., 73, Navy, April 17, Bring’s.

Biedrzycki, Paul F., 71, Air Force, April 11, Bring’s.

Bleckrie, Brian, 53, printer, April 15, Bring’s.

Bowers, Thelma M., 76, child support enforcement, April 22, Hudgel’s.

Bowman, Mary B., 97, cattle rancher, April 16, Bring’s.

Castro, Virginia, 91, homemaker, April 16, Bring’s.

Caton, David, 71, April 29, Hudgel’s.

Cohen, Madeleine T., 59, nurse’s assistant, April 16, Bring’s.

Dent, Nancy, 68, teacher, April 20, Bring’s.

Durbin, Dale L., 52, mechanic, April 19, Hudgel’s.

Fortier, Paul R., 70, real estate, April 23, Hudgel’s.

Grogan, Jean F., 77, lab technician, April 18, Hudgel’s.

Hogeboom, Jean G., 91, homemaker, April 24, Bring’s.

Hull, Harry A., 76, Air Force, April 23, Hudgel’s.

Jones, Ted L., 89, cowboy, April 23, Hudgel’s.

Keeter, Edith B., 79, secretary, April 21, Hudgel’s.

Kirtley, John L., 78, Air Force, April 24, Hudgel’s.

Koch, Antoinette T., 75, homemaker, April 17, Bring’s.

LaPlante, Ovila J., 69, superintendent, April 19, Bring’s.

Longoni, Cecile M., 82, systems logistics, April 27, Bring’s.

Maciorowski, Violet J., 91, quality control inspector, April 20, Brings.

Massimi, Gabriel R., 86, advertising writer, April 22, Bring’s.

Miller, Thomas E., 79, tool and die maker, April 16, Bring’s.

Nelson, Jon H., 69, civil service, April 25, Hudgel’s.

Ontiveros, Randy C., 52, investigator, April 23, Bring’s.

Oughton, Ruby, 85, homemaker, April 14, Bring’s.

Peckat, Louella L., 91, film sorter, April 24, Bring’s.

Rahn, Pauline, 97, administrative assistant, April 15, Bring’s.

Renney, Wayne, 46, cook-waiter, April 23, Hudgel’s.

Scouten Jr., Elbert L., 84, real estate broker, April 17, Bring’s.

Smith, Rosemarie, 83, telephone operator, April 22, Hudgel’s.

Soderman, Denis D., 78, research biochemist, April 22, Bring’s.

Sternik, Irene, 92, ammunitions assembler, April 15, Bring’s.

Timberlake, Edward W., 88, public relations, April 21, Hudgel’s.

Touseull, Denise, 62, teacher, April 26, Bring’s.

Wallace Jr., Walter L., 58, aircraft mechanic, April 18, Bring’s.

Ware, Nell, 96, bank vice president, April 24, Bring’s.

White, William H., 79, postman, April 24, Bring’s.

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