More than 100 soldiers from the 11th Signal Brigade at Fort Huachuca will be moved to Fort Hood, Texas.

The relocation of 104 soldiers, two civilians and their families will either take place in July or in the summer of 2014, said Maj. Jennifer R. Butler, a spokeswoman for the 11th Signal Brigade.

"We are doing an analysis right now to see what is feasible. We are balancing costs and what is best for the families," Butler said.

The restructuring "will align the 11th Signal Brigade headquarters with a higher headquarters, which is III Corps, at Fort Hood," Butler said. The move is part of a strategy to make the brigade highly mobile and flexible with the soldiers in one spot, Butler said.

Two battalions - the 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion and the 62nd Expeditionary Signal Battalion - were already at Fort Hood when both were placed under the 11th Signal Brigade in 2009.

The 86th ESB, also part of the 11th Signal Brigade, has been relocated to Fort Bliss in El Paso, Butler said.

The three battalions total about 1,500 soldiers.

One battalion, the 40th ESB of the 11th Signal Brigade, will remain at Fort Huachuca, Butler said. "There are no plans to move them. We can support them without any issues," Butler said.

The 11th Signal Brigade Headquarters provides communications networks and information systems for operational forces worldwide, Butler said.

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