PCC Chancellor Lee Lambert

Pima Community College students could face higher-than-average tuition hikes this fall to help make up for past mismanagement of the school.

The board that governs PCC will consider raising tuition by $3 to $5 per credit hour — between 4.6 and 7.6 percent – at its March 12 meeting.

By comparison, other Arizona colleges are looking at average preliminary tuition hikes of $2.61 per credit hour, the Governing Board heard in a study session earlier this week.

PCC also is poised to again raise property taxes by two percent, the maximum allowed for its portion of local tax bills.Taxes are its largest source of income and the school typically seeks the maximum increase every year.

The latest tax and tuition hikes would help raise several million dollars to fix deficiencies identified by students, consultants and by PCC's accreditor, which placed the college on probation last year.

“We’re not delivering quality right now. We have a huge amount of complaints from our students so we know we’re not meeting their needs,” Chancellor Lee Lambert told board members Monday.

Lambert said he also plans to cut $1 million in spending at PCC headquarters and transfer those resources to the college’s campuses.

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