The recipient of this week’s Ben’s Bell is Nottinghill Apartments property manager Renee Banuelos.

She was nominated by Constable Mary Dorgan.

Dorgan nominated Banuelos for her dedication to improving the apartment complex and making it a better place for her residents to live.

Among the things Banuelos has done in her 10 years as a property manager of the complex, near North Alvernon Way and East Glenn Street, is to help create a community garden in an empty space in the parking lot, and convert one of the apartments to an office for veterans services staffers to conduct appointments.

And she does whatever she can to help residents at the apartment complex, which is home to many veterans and refugees.

“She is constantly walking the property and checks on her senior citizens daily to make sure they do not need anything,” Dorgan wrote in her nomination letter. “She works closely with all community agencies in placing new residents at her property.”

Banuelos credits her desire to help others and give back to her mother.

“I come from a mixed cultural family, and my mom always taught me, rest her soul, that if you give, people will give back,” Banuelos said. “I think this is what has always prompted me to keep on going. Because if someone needs something and you have it, give it. And you’ll get it back.”