A recent rescue of Zoey could lead to extra funding at Pima Animal Care Center for medical emergencies.

Courtesy of Michael Kloth via Pima County Animal Care Center

A puppy named Zoey that was rescued after being tossed into the bed of a pickup truck parked at Park Place has prompted a funding drive that could get Pima Animal Care Center up to $5,000 for emergency medical expenses.

On June 17, passersby spotted Zoey in a pickup truck’s bed in 105-degree heat with no water and only scraps of old carne asada, a news release from PACC says.

The puppy’s plight attracted the attention of several bystanders, police and an officer from PACC.

The pickup truck belonged to Kim Scanlan, who walked out of the mall surprised by the commotion around her truck.

“It was so hot and she was curled up under the tool box trying to avoid the sun. It was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen,” Scanlan said in the release. “I knew I had to do something to help. Even though I couldn’t take Zoey home with me, I could donate to help save pets like her.”

Scanlan, the owner of Baja Café and an avid supporter of pet rescue efforts, decided to match donations to PACC’s medical fund up to $2,500, the release said.

“While Zoey’s story is very upsetting, we are turning this incident into a positive situation,” said Karen Hollish, a PACC spokeswoman.

Zoey has been adopted.