Bibliophiles might want to tuck umbrellas into their tote bags, but the chance of scattered showers shouldn't deter lovers of the written word from attending the fifth annual Tucson Festival of Books this weekend.

Saturday will be the coolest of the weekend, with highs between 58 and 60 degrees, breezes and scattered showers.

"It's a fair bet that everybody will get a little bit of wetness at some point," said Carl Cerniglia, a meteorologist at the Tucson office of the National Weather Service. But, "It's not going to be a rainy day all day."

The clouds will remain Sunday, but the breezes will die down and the temps should rise to the low 60s, with perhaps just a stray shower, Cerniglia said.

"The festival will go on regardless of the weather," said Bill Viner, chairman of the Tucson Festival of Books.

"There might be some small adjustments we may have to make if the conditions are adverse, but in general, all the events will go on as scheduled."