Things you'll find only in print:

1. A comprehensive report on possible local impacts of sequestration.

2. Documents reveal how other Roman Catholic dioceses used Tucson as a dumping ground for sexually abusive priests.

3. Plans for a veterinary school at the University of Arizona.

4. Columnist Tim Steller says Arizona's medical marijuana law isn't working - and Tucson's police chief agrees, saying it's so bad that legalization would be better.

5. Angela Pittenger, the Star's Centsible Mom, compares prices of a basket of groceries Tucson families might buy from local stores.

6. A new effort would bring back midtown Tucson's "Sunshine Mile."

7. Columnist Greg Hansen offers his weekly digest of Tucson sports news, gossip and tidbits.

8. A full accounting of Saturday's basketball game between the Arizona Wildcats and Washington.

9. Coupons good for $75 in savings.

10. The weekly pile of sales circulars.