Semba, the Reid Park Zoo's 24-year-old African elephant, is pregnant, the zoo announced today. 

She is about 11 months pregnant and is expected to give birth in late June or August 2014, Vivian VanPeenen, a spokeswoman for the zoo said in a news release. 

The gestation period for elephants is between 22 and 23 months. 

"Breeding behavior between Semba and the zoo's bull, Mabu, in October," the release said.

 Semba's pregnancy was recently confirmed by analyzing hormones in her urine. 

Semba has given birth to two calves, Punga was born in 2007 and Sundzu was born in December 2010. 

The herd, and an unrelated female, was brought to the zoo from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2012 as a breeding herd, VanPeenen said. 

"It was quick and we're just really over the moon," she said.