About two dozen people from both sides of the border got together Saturday, April 19, in Nogales, Sonora to resurrect the mural "Vida y Sueños de la Cañada Perla," or "Life and Dreams of the Perla Ravine."

The mural, most commonly known as "El Mural de Taniperla," was first painted in 1998 on the wall of a community center in Taniperla, Chiapas, by Tzetzal Indians. It showed women doing laundry, people bathing by the river, holding meetings. It showed their lives and dreams after declaring themselves an autonomous Zapatista revolutionary town.

The Mexican army destroyed it a day after it was completed.

 In a sign of solidarity, artists from both sides of the border painted a replica on the landing-mat fence in Nogales in 2005, just as others were making replicas across the world from Argentina to Spain.

Video By Perla Trevizo