The midtown Rincon Market, damaged in a fire Tuesday, could be closed for at least six months for repairs.

Benjie Sanders/Arizona Daily Sta

An electrical malfunction was the cause of a fire at the Rincon Market on Tuesday.

The market, 2513 E. Sixth St., at North Tucson Boulevard, is expected to be closed from two to six months, said Ron Abbott, 56, the owner of the longtime establishment in the Sam Hughes Neighborhood.

“The electrical malfunction of wiring in the attic space was determined to be the cause,” said Capt. Barrett Baker, a Tucson Fire Department spokesman.

No damage estimate has been determined by fire officials, or the insurance adjusters.

Bob Dobbs restaurant, which also is located in the strip center in that block of East Sixth Street, is expected to remain closed for a couple of more days, Abbott said.

Electrical upgrades were made at Bob Dobbs Tuesday, and ridding the air of smoke smell began Wednesday, said Abbott.

The other businesses, including two salons and a jewelry store were re-opened late Tuesday, Abbott said.

“It is still wall to wall smoke inside the market,” Abbott said.

Disposing of food in the market and taking inventory of the items by insurance adjusters is under way.

A restoration company also began cleanup inside the market, he said.

Upgrades to the building’s electrical system must be done, said Abbott, adding that he and insurance adjusters also are waiting word from an architect and city inspectors to possible upgrades that may be required of the building’s interior.

“We are hoping that we can open in a couple of months, rather than six months, Abbott said. “Customers have been coming to see if they can help, and are asking about setting up tables in the parking lot,” said Abbott with a chuckle.

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