Some bicyclists pedaling along The Loop trail network around Tucson find themselves suddenly in need of a tire pump.

Others could really use a basic tool kit to fix bike problems that develop along the trails.

Good news: Pima County, which oversees The Loop, has begun installing free, self-serve Fixit bike maintenance stations along some segments of route.

The stations include a tire pump and a selection of tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers and multipurpose tools.

“I think it’s an awesome project, and I’m really supportive of maintaining it,” said Riemke Brakema, who stopped recently to top up a bike tire with air at a station on the Rillito River Park Trail near North Swan Road.

“I commute all over by bike, riding about 20 miles a day, so it’s very useful to me,” Brakema said.


Installation of the stations, known by the brand name Fixit, began at the end of June, said Nanette Slusser, assistant Pima County administrator.

“People love them,” Slusser said. “They send us pictures of themselves using them.”

Slusser said six of the stations, which retail for $940, were in operation, but one of them was taken down because it was being vandalized.

In addition to the Rillito River Park at Swan Road site, the current locations include one near Curtis Park along the Rillito River Park Trail and three along trails following the Santa Cruz River.

“We want to keep adding them, but we need the right locations,” Slusser said. “We don’t want to put them in where they get vandalized. But if they are in well-traveled areas, we think they will have success.”

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