If you've ever been stuck in traffic and daydreamed about giving state officials a piece of your mind, here's your chance.

The state Transportation Board will host a hearing in Tucson on Friday morning about potential budget cuts.

The Arizona Department of Transportation wants to cut $350 million from its 2016 and 2017 construction plans because it's receiving less money from gas taxes and fewer federal dollars.

Whether any Tucson-area projects will be axed is unclear.

Tucson cuts could mean a longer wait for a new Interstate 10 interchange at Ina Road. And it could mean even more waiting for improvements at Interstate 19 and Ajo Way, a project that already was delayed in a previous round of cuts.

The board is expected to make final decisions about the five-year plan in June.

If you go, the meeting is at 9 a.m. Friday at the Pascua Yaqui Justice Center, 7777 S. Camino Huivisim, west of Camino de Oeste and south of Casino of the Sun.

If you can't make it, you can send comments to FiveYearProgram@azdot.gov or call 1-855-712-8530.


Miles of roads within the city limits will get crack sealing, patching and microsurfacing work, beginning this week. The repair work will last through late April or early May.

The work is part of the city's $20 million Pavement Preservation Program, which ends when the fiscal year ends in June.

East-side roads will get a lot of attention.

Crews will fix up Harrison Road between Old Spanish Trail and Golf Links roads, Escalante Road between Kolb and Pantano roads, and Pantano from Research Loop to Escalante.

On the south side, they'll fix up Tucson Boulevard between Irvington and Valencia roads, making a trip to the airport less unsightly.

On the west side, crews will work on Grant Road between Silverbell and Interstate 10.

On the north side, look forward to pothole-free driving on Stone Avenue between Prince and Fort Lowell roads, near Amphitheater High School, and on Swan Road between the Rillito River and Grant, near the Crossroads Festival Shopping Plaza and Plaza Palomino.

In midtown, crews will work on Speedway from Rosemont Boulevard to Wilmot Road and Swan between Speedway and Golf Links.

And downtown, they'll make over Stone between Broadway and 18th Street.


Traffic in the Grant-Oracle intersection project will shift overnight tonight from the north side to the south side of Grant Road and from the east side to the west side of Oracle Road, so crews can work on the other side of the roads.


Sharlie Deschaines has seen the city patching east-side streets, but asks why workers aren't repairing Broadway between Harrison and Camino Seco.

"You can almost hear the tread being torn off of your tires," she wrote.

A: Sorry, Sharlie. You can expect around five more years of bumpy driving on that stretch of Broadway.

There are plans to improve Broadway between Camino Seco and Houghton sometime between 2017 and 2021, said Jim DeGrood, transportation services director at the Regional Transportation Authority.

The project calls for widening the road, solving drainage problems and adding sidewalks - similar to the project the RTA completed last summer on Speedway between Camino Seco and Houghton, DeGrood said.

Because it's in the RTA plan, it's not in the city's five-year plan for road repairs. However, most of the rest of Broadway is - between Camino Seco and Country Club.

The city will fix a bunch of other east-side roads in coming weeks, too. Read on in today's column to learn more.

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