Saguaros are on a blooming binge in Sabino Canyon.

Some of the giant cacti sport dozens of milky white flowers on individual plants, with dozens of additional buds poised to bloom on a later day.

“Wow!” was a common reaction in recent days from hikers stopping to admire and photograph the flower-festooned saguaros.

Visitors riding on the canyon’s trams will spot plenty of blooming saguaros along the road. For more than a passing glance at the blooms, try a walk on any of Sabino’s trails.

The flat, easy 0.3-mile Bajada Loop Nature Trail takes walkers past saguaros, including an unusual crested specimen, in brilliant bloom.

Other trails with good blooming views include the 1.1-mile lower section of the Esperero Trail and the 3.8-mile lower section of the Bear Canyon Trail.

Sabino Canyon is at 5700 N. Sabino Canyon Road. The U.S. Forest Service charges a $5 per vehicle entrance fee.

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