Carla Garrett (center, holding Ben’s Bell) and the Salpointe Catholic High School football team gather for the belling. 

Photo by Linda Kirkpatrick

The recipient of this week’s Ben’s Bell is Carla Garrett, a strength and conditioning coach at Salpointe Catholic High School.

She was nominated by fellow coach Del Arvayo, who said Garrett inspires student athletes on the field and in the classroom.

“She motivates boys to reach heights they didn’t know they were capable of reaching,” Arvayo wrote in his nomination. “She demands and gets their best. She holds them to a high standard.

“Her former students come back to see her often, and all speak of the tremendous influence she has or had on their lives.”

Numerous students who were influenced by the coach have gone on to earn college scholarships and complete their higher education “because they were pushed, pulled, led and willed by Coach Garrett,” Arvayo said.

“She is an outstanding human being, a credit to the community and a hero to many young men who have had the privilege of having Coach Garrett in their lives,” he said.