Jeannette Maré, left, of Ben’s Bells, Veronica Tapia, with bell, and Principal Andy Townsend.

Ben’s Bells Project

What: Ben’s Bells promote kindness and community involvement. Each week a person who makes Tucson better is “belled.”

Last week’s recipient: Veronica Tapia.

Nominated by: Andy Townsend.

Why: As an Elvira Elementary School parent volunteer, Tapia contributes to a variety of school activities, says Principal Andy Townsend. She consistently demonstrates so much positivity with students and adults that she was hired to join the school’s staff. She helps the school with such things as safety, positive behavior, support programs and supervising parent involvement. Tapia also is often seen counseling students in a warm, loving and kind manner, Townsend wrote in his nomination letter. “Veronica Tapia is relentlessly positive, fun, and kind,” Townsend wrote.

For more info and to nominate someone: Go to to submit a name. Go to or call 622-1379 for more information.