Thanks to a $25,000 donation from the William and Mary Ross Foundation, Send A Kid to Camp has cut its deficit and cleared the YMCA’s waiting list for camp.

“On behalf of the members of the Sportsmen’s Fund, we thank the folks of Southern Arizona. Through your generosity, this year, like many in the past, we have made sure that every bunk bed will have a happy camper in it!” said secretary Jeff Ronstadt.

The donation from the William and Mary Ross Foundation gave us the opportunity to send 25 children on a waiting list to the YMCA’s Triangle Y Ranch for the last week of the camp season. Those children were called on Friday and told they could report to camp today.

The Arizona Daily Star’s Sportsmen’s Fund Send a Kid to Camp program raises money so children from low-income households and military families can attend overnight YMCA, Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps and Camp Courage burn camp for little or no fees.

We’ve received 1,287 donations totaling $162,989 toward our goal of $190,000 to send 770 kids to weeklong overnight camps this summer. We’re about $54,000 shy of our goal with camp underway.

Donations are welcome throughout the year. We are grateful for your donations and continuing our thank-you’s today.

Your contribution is tax-deductible, qualifying for the state’s working-poor charitable tax credit of up to $400.

The Sportsmen’s Fund, one of the oldest 501c (3) charities in Southern Arizona, was founded in 1947. Since then, thanks to Star readers, we have helped pay for 36,548 children to go to camp.

Recent donations include:

Bettina Arvizo, $150.

Luther and Linda Barnes, $100.

Barbara and Edward Belton, $200.

Patricia Bena, $25.

Marilyn Bicking, $100.

Jane Coffey, $40.

Dennis and Judith Derry, $200.

Mary Engle, $100.

Susan Freud, $25.

Randall and Vicki Lynn Gricius, $300.

Linda Groves, $25.

Horizon Steel Co., Inc., $100.

Russ Jones, $50.

Billie and Boris Kozolchyk, $54.

Jan Malik, in memory of Ed Malik, $200.

John and Barbara Merlin, $25.

Trudy and Craig Newburger, in memory of Bert Scouten, $50.

Margaret Newton, $300.

William and Mary Ross Foundation, $25,000.

Robert and JoAnn Thomas, $40.

Jackie Weiss, $25.

One anonymous donation of $500.

More donations will be acknowledged in the coming week.

More donations will be acknowledged in the coming week.