Col. Charles A. Lindbergh dedicating Davis-Monthan Airfield, which was located on Old Nogales Highway where the rodeo grounds are today, in 1927. At that time, it was the largest municipal airport in the U.S. It was also the first municipal airport in the United States.

1879: The Public Shower Bath House opens in Tucson.

1927: Charles Lindbergh, who months earlier had crossed the Atlantic Ocean in his "Spirit of St. Louis" aircraft, formally dedicates the first municipal-owned airport in the U.S. in Tucson. More than 30,000 people — or, roughly 20 percent of Arizona's population at the time — show up to see the flying ace.

The site is named in honor of Lieutenants Samuel H. Davis and Oscar Monthan, two Tucson aviators whom died in separate plane crashes after World War I. Davis-Monthan Field immediately became the largest municipal-owned airport in the nation.

The site, located four miles south of the city on Nogales Highway, is the present-day location of the rodeo grounds.

1952: Water dispute comes to a boil; city's plans to add wells attacked by farmers at public meeting here.

1960: $64.8 million released for start of Titan missile base construction.

1970: Aeronaves de Mexico, now known as Aeromexico, starts daily service to Mexico City.

1973: Local enforcement (of topless/bottomless dancing) to begin Oct. 1.

1975: 80 percent of police and fire employees go on strike; Judge Richey issues injunction.

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