Troublemakers Beetle Bailey and Dennis the Menace are back.

Blondie & Dagwood and Hi & Lois still have each other, and now you have them, too.

The Star is adding 80+ comics at

There are plenty of old favorites — Hagar the Horrible, anyone? — as well as more contemporary strips such as Tina’s Groove and Six Chix.

We are adding these comics because in two surveys this year, thousands of Arizona Daily Star readers told us about their passion for particular comics. Among the dozens and dozens of cartoons readers mentioned were Shoe, Funky Winkerbean and Popeye. You named far too many to add them all to the print edition, but we hope you enjoy getting reacquainted with Mary Worth and Broom-Hilda in the limitless space of the Web.

A few changes will be coming next month to the comics pages in the print edition, based on responses to our comics survey earlier this month. We will write more about that on July 13, but here’s the big headline: The Star reader favorite is Pickles.