There's no place in the world where Big Jim Griffith would rather live than in the borderlands of Southern Arizona and northern Mexico.

He's shared his love of our region for more than 40 years, as the former director of the Southwest Folklore Center at the University of Arizona and as co-founder of Tucson Meet Yourself. He's also the author of seven books, most recently "A Border Runs Through It."

Starting Tuesday, he'll write a blog about the folklore of our region. "Our Storied Desert Land" will be updated every Tuesday and Friday on StarNet at

If you are a true Tucsonan, we don't need to say more. You already know "Big Jim" as a neighbor who helps bind us together as a community.

If you're a newcomer who aims to understand this strange and wonderful desert, there's no better teacher than storyteller Big Jim Griffith.

- Bobbie Jo Buel

Editor, Arizona Daily Star