1. Meet a border priest whose daily duties include baptizing babies, trying to convince migrants not to cross the border illegally - and negotiating with drug cartels to secure the release of migrants being held for more money.

2. Find out why train whistles through downtown Tucson may soon be a thing of the past.

3. Learn about the planned expansion of Saguaro National Park.

4. Columnist Tim Steller says he's (almost) all for Grand Canyon University coming to Tucson, but he's not sure the current El Rio golf course is the best place to put it it.

5. Arizona Wildcat's men's basketball writer Bruce Pascoe gets up close and personal with former player -- and future assistant coach -- Damon Stoudamire.

6. Yearning to take on a little home improvement project, Angela Pittenger, the Star's Centsible Mom, offers a price comparison on paint and supplies.

7. Columnist Greg Hansen serves up his weekly helping of Tucson sports news, analysis and gossip.

8. Find out which east-side charter school the state is shutting down.

9. Clip coupons worth $136 in savings.

10. Peruse the weekly pile of sales inserts and circulars.