1. Get Columnist Greg Hansen's take on the Arizona Wildcats-Harvard NCAA tournament game, and what's next as the Cats head to the Sweet 16.

2. Three of the eight women who say they were sexually harassed by former Pima Community College Chancellor Roy Flores share their stories with Star reporter Carol Ann Alaimo.

3. As Tucson tries to attract more high-tech companies to town, reporter Carli Brosseau reveals a dark side: Because many firms consider their processes to be proprietary, fire officials don't know what they're fighting if a fire breaks out. That can make extinguishing it tough, as local firefighters learned during a 2006 blaze at Securaplane.

4. Rare earth elements are needed for the guts of all kinds of high-tech gear, and Arizona may have them deep in our soil. Mining exploration is going on now, Tony Davis reports.

5. Operation Streamline, which reads illegal immigrants the charges against them and lets them plead guilty and get sentenced all in one day, used to give most offenders "time served" and send them back where they came from. Now, the majority are getting prison time. Reporter Perla Trevizo explains why.

6. Centsible Mom Angela Pittenger compares the prices of cleaning products for spring spruce-ups.

7. Columnist Tim Steller wants to know: Why aren't we doing more to rescue Arizona's abused children?

8. Gov. Jan Brewer is pushing a plan to give more money to high-performing schools. But as reporter Jamar Younger reports, most of those schools are in rich neighborhoods and aren't hurting for cash.

9. Clip coupons worth $104 in savings.

10. Peruse a pile of sales inserts and circulars.