Eleven workers became ill at a Marana McDonald's Sunday because the air conditioner in the kitchen area was broken, authorities said.

Courtesy of Northwest Fire District

Three employees from a Marana McDonald’s who were taken to the hospital Sunday to be treated for heat-related symptoms after working in a kitchen with no air conditioning have been released.

The air conditioner units have been repaired and the fast-food restaurant at 8349 N. Cortaro Road, near Interstate 10, is open. A total of 11 workers suffered from heat-related symptoms while at work at the restaurant.

The high temperature Sunday was 103 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

The restaurant manager told firefighters that the kitchen area had been without air conditioning for a week because of mechanical issues, Capt. Adam Goldberg, a Northwest Fire District spokesman.

A 19-year-old woman complained of difficulty breathing, light-headedness and feeling dizzy, Goldberg said.

Firefighters were dispatched to the McDonald's shortly after noon, and found the employee semi-conscious, Goldberg said.

Paramedics treated the woman and took her to a hospital in serious condition, said Goldberg.

The other two workers taken to the hospital were women who were ages 42 and 45. Both women were in stable condition, Goldberg said.

Other employees told paramedics that they, too, were feeling ill with similar symptoms, including headaches and feeling faint.

The hazardous materials team was called in, and the restaurant was evacuated, said Goldberg.

After extensive air monitoring, the team did not find any sources that would cause employees' illnesses, he said. He said no customers complained about feeling sick.

The remaining eight employees were treated at the scene and released, Goldberg said.

It was determined that all 11 workers became ill because of the heat, he said. G

oldberg said because of triple-digit heat everyone must drink more water throughout the day, and watch for early signs and symptoms of dehydration.

The symptoms include feeling thirsty or dizzy, having no energy, headaches, light-headedness and weakness. Symptoms can also include muscle aches, cramps, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, vision changes, unconsciousness and seizures.