June goes into the record books as the third-hottest on record in Tucson, according to the National Weather Service.

The average temperature was 88.9 degrees, just slightly cooler than June 2013, which was the hottest June on record in Tucson (89.5).

The month had 29 days of 100 degrees or hotter, the second most for a June in Tucson.

The hottest day of the month reached 108 degrees. The string of 100-degree days was broken for one day when the high reached 99 on June 18.

Also, this was the 15th June on record that no rain was officially recorded in Tucson.

As you await the monsoon relief, here are some of weather facts about the just-completed month:

Average high temperature: 103.8 degrees, above the normal of 100.3

Average low: 74.1, above the 69.3 normal.

Number of 105-degree days or above: 11, more than the normal 9 days.

Rainfall: 0.0, below the average of 0.20 of an inch.

The first half of 2014 was the warmest on record in Tucson, with an average yearly temperature of 69.7 degrees. That is 3.6 degrees above normal.

The previous warmest first-half of a year was in 1986 with an average temperature of 68.7.