Tucson hit a high of 108 degrees Friday, extending the streak of consecutive days over 100 in June to 28, or the entire month.

There’s little doubt we’ll be over 100 for the entire month, with highs Saturday and Sunday expected at about 113 and 110 degrees.

The National Weather Service is offering some slightly hopeful news. More moisture is moving into the Tucson area, meaning highs could top out a little below their expected marks. Thunderstorms are possible Saturday, but only a small chance.

The excessive heat warning will remain in effect until 9 p.m. Sunday, the NWS said. The heat warning means a prolonged period of extreme heat is likely.

The chance of rain slightly increase on Monday to 20 percent.

Until the monsoon rains blow in, Capt. Adam Goldberg, spokesman for the Northwest Fire District, is urging people to curtail their outside activities and stay indoors.

“We have to change our behaviors ... and really consider postponing our outdoor activities,” Goldberg said. “We really need to completely change the way we do things over the next three days. I would encourage people to find indoor activities, like movies or board games. This might be the week to allow the kids more TV time than you normally would because of the outdoor temperatures.”


The high in Phoenix topped out at 116. According to The Associated Press, haze from large wildfires in New Mexico crept into the valley, keeping the temperature from hitting the expected high of 118.


In case you were wondering: 115 is the record high for Friday in Tucson, set in 1994. No record set today.