Tucson set a record high for the date on Monday when the temperature reached 108 degrees.

The old record was 107, last set in 2103.

Earlier, the National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for Tucson and surrounding areas on Monday. Another heat warning is forecast for Tuesday from noon to 7 p.m. Highs are forecast in the Tucson area of between 107 and 110 degrees.

The warning affects areas in southeast Arizona below 5,000 feet. 

Above normal temperatures are expected to be continue for several days due to a strong ridge of high pressure in the area, according to the NWS. 

The NWS offers the following tips to avoid heat-related illness:

• Call 911 if you are experiencing heat stroke. 

• Drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks. 

• Stay in a cool ventilated place if possible. 

• Restrict outdoor activities to early morning or late evening. 

• Wear loose-fitting, light clothing when outside. 

• Never leave children or pets inside vehicles.