Many avid bicyclists will tell you that the Tucson area is a pedaler's paradise.

Now a major national magazine has emphasized that point.

Tucson has been named No. 1 on a list of the nation's "Top 10 Bike Towns" by Outside magazine.

"This college town is surrounded by mountains but also hosts more than 700 miles (!) of bike lanes, two factors that put Tucson on top of the Outside list," says the magazine's website.

What makes for a great bike town?

"From an Outside perspective, good cycling means more than bike lanes and flat routes for commuting to work," the website says. "We want interesting topography, and sometimes that means a lung-burning ascent or two (or three) on scenic roads. We want sweet singletrack and solitude, but we also want great places to gather for a post-ride drink."

Other top bike towns cited by the magazine include Boulder and Durango in Colorado; Madison, Wis.; Missoula, Mont.; Burlington, Vt.; Ashland, Ore.; Flagstaff; Santa Fe, N.M.; and Chico, Calif.