Whether it's a piece of art, a historic remnant, an unfinished building or folklore about Tucson, the city has plenty of odd features that pique curiosity.

Beginning in 1999 the Arizona Daily Star published a feature for several years called "What's with that?" which answered readers' questions about different things around Tucson.

In the summer of 2009, the Star brought back the series under the name "Tucson Oddity" as a weekly item. Star readers have submitted hundreds of queries and suggestions.

The feature has been compiled into a book, which is now available for purchase. The full-color book contains 50 oddities that readers of the Arizona Daily Star have inquired about over the years.

You can also buy it in the lobby of the Star, 4850 S. Park Ave. It costs $14.99 plus tax. Shipping and handling charges will be applied if you want it mailed. Questions can be referred to oddity@azstarnet.com or 573-4232.