It isn't Camelot, but a knight in shining armor stands guard at an east-side home.

Rather than rescuing damsels in distress, the knight, which is almost as tall as the house, serves as a landmark, bird's nest and photo opportunity for passers-by.

Tucson resident Dave Voorhees bought the shiny silver knight at Elegant Junque Shop, which is now at 4932 E. Speedway, about 10 years ago.

"I just saw it sitting in front of the store," he said. "I liked it."

Since he already had a smaller knight indoors, he just had to get the giant one for the front of the house.

It's turned into quite an attraction.

On Halloween, a group of kids came by with their father, who is a bus driver. He promised to take them to see the giant knight when they went trick-or-treating, Voorhees said.

During the winter holidays, the metal knight plays a part in Voorhees' festivities: He decorates it with a wreath and gold embellishments.

It also is a great model.

"One time some high school kids stopped by and asked if they could take their picture with the knight," Voorhees said.

The knight stands amid a desert-landscaped yard in front of Voorhees' brick house on East Myra Drive.

"I use it when I tell people how to get here. I just say, 'Look for the knight.' "

Voorhees said the first time his neighbor came around the corner and saw it, he said: "Wow! What is that?"

Like most soldiers, the knight has war wounds.

"The only bad thing that's happened with it is a group of kids - I'm guessing they were kids - threw grapefruit at it and dented him," Voorhees said.

"I left them. Those are just his battle scars."

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