Rick Harker built his Old West town in the middle of a south-side neighborhood and opens it to the public every other year. The former Old Tucson stuntman hopes to get a haunted house up and running for Halloween.


A brick structure on the northeast corner of North Stone Avenue and Roger Road has been in its current state - half built with exposed rods of rebar jutting skyward - for as long as anyone can remember.

It sits at 4002 N. Stone Ave., attached to a mattress store painted bright yellow. Best Mattress Inc., a family-owned company (if the sign out front is any indication), owns the property.

The city issued a permit for the furniture store and the still-incompleted building in the 1970s, said Craig Gross, the city's deputy director of planning and development services. But there's nothing in the city's file indicating why construction on the building stopped, he said.

"Back in the early or mid-1970s it just went belly up, or something, and nothing has been done with it since," Gross said.

As for the city's taking any action, Gross said there's not much that can be done so long as it's not a safety issue. "It appears to be sturdy and substantial, not falling down, and it's completely closed off," Gross said.

When questioned about the half-built building a man in the furniture store said he didn't care to talk about it to the newspaper. Anyone with questions about the building can contact the store directly, he said. In Arizona Corporation Commission documents Dale F. Byerly and Warren D. Byerly are listed as directors of Best Mattress Inc. The store's phone number is 888-7994.

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