Yellow spray paint was used to vandalize a bronze sculpture on the University of Arizona campus.

Photo courtesy of Kirk Sibley

The 12-foot tall bronze at the UA of four bobcats — a male, a female and two kittens — has been covered with yellow spray paint and the letters "ASU."

The vandalism comes just days before the rivalry football game between the University of Arizona and Arizona State University.

The artwork, called "The Arizona Wildcat Family," shows four bobcats lounging together. The sculpture has been up for about a decade on the Alumni Plaza between the Administration Building and the Mall.

The sculpture was created by Tubac artist Nicholas Wilson, who noted soon after it was commissioned that while a male wildcat, or bobcat, wouldn't be found traveling as part of a nuclear family unit, the sculpture is symbolic of the university family.

Last week, the white hillside "A" in Tempe was covered in red paint.