A pilot and his wife were not injured in a crash landing in a Willcox pecan orchard Thursday afternoon.

The two, who were in an RV/8 single prop plane, left Albuquerque, New Mexico in the morning and were flying to the Willcox airport, said Carol Capas, a Cochise County Sheriff's spokeswoman.

Shortly after noon, deputies received information from Albuquerque air traffic controllers of a possible downed aircraft near Willcox. Deputies and state troopers responded to the area in search of the plane, Capas said.

Meanwhile, the pilot sent a text message to his son telling him that he was not injured and that he crash landed in a pecan orchard.

The pilot remained in contact with Albuquerque traffic controllers until he was close to the ground and then lost radar and radio contact, said Capas.

Capas said the engine failed and the pilot actually landed on Last Outpost Road next to the orchard.


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