The Arizona Daily Star’s Sportsmen’s Fund Send a Kid to Camp program raises money so children from low-income households and military families can attend overnight YMCA, Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps and Camp Tatiyee, for school-age children and older teens with special needs, at little or no cost to their families.

Our goal is to raise $190,000 and send 650 local boys and girls to area camps this summer. So far, we’ve received 872 donations totaling $117,860, which puts us 62 percent of the way to our goal.

Since 1947, the Arizona Daily Star Sportsmen’s Fund has helped pay for 38,551 children to go to camp. We’re one of the oldest 501©3 charities in Arizona.

Your contribution qualifies for the Arizona tax credit of up to $800 for donations to qualifying charitable organizations. Donations are welcome throughout the year.

Recent donations include:

Ceil Matson and Jack Armitage, $100.

Hal Adamson, $100.

Joan Agnew, $10.

Bert Akerboom, $200.

Delores Albanese, in memory of my father, $50.

Eunice Albright, $100.

Thomas Aldrich, $100.

Jean and Charles Ares, $100.

Katherine Arnold, $100.

Howard Ault, $100.

Marcia Baab, $800.

Jill Ballesteros, $50.

Ginny Beal, $100.

Pat and Gary Becker, $36.

Larry Becker, $35.

Dave Beeson, in memory of Robert “Bobby” Beeson, $250.

Carole Behl, $50.

Patricia Bena, $25.

Richard Tracy and Stephen Barsdale, $50.

John Berdahl, $50.

David Berg, $100.

Tom Besterfeldt, $25.

Barbara Bickel, $250.

Kenneth Bone, $50.

L. and J. Botzong, $25.

James Bradley, $1,000.

Donald Brosnan, $50.

S. Brunk, $25.

Hale and Patricia Burrus, $25.

Jean Burton, $100.

Evelyn Campbell, $400.

Mitch Childers, in memory of Deb Childers, $100.

Donald Christensen, $50.

Pam Churchill, $100.

Amy Clashman, $25.

T.J. Cochran, in memory of Cary B., $50.

Joe and Karen Conley, $25.

Katherine Conover, $30.

Jean Coombs, $50.

Daniel Coulter, $50.

Gorham Cowl, $100.

Richard and Joyce Cox, $50.

B. Ann Coziahr, $250.

Eve Cran, $400.

Claire Crawford, $50.

Franklin Crosby, $250.

Richard Cunningham, $30.

Cynthia Currie, $100.

E. Daby, $100.

Dave and Marcia Davenport, in memory of Joe and Margaret Metcalf, $50.

Jeanine Delgman, $100.

Theresa Dellheim, $50.

Betty Deweerd and family, in memory of Lowell Deweerd, $100.

Sarah Dick, $20.

H. Donegan-Brown, $100.

Christina Douglas, $500.

Richard and Kathryn Doyle, $100.

Thomas Duddleston, $25.

Dorthy Early, $35.

James Eaton, $100.

Karl and Sandy Elers, $100.

Lynn Engel, $250.

David Erikson, $50.

Edward Espinoza, $50.

Richard Evans, $100.

Richard Flaherty, $50.

Gary Forbes, $100.

Jacqueline Ford, in memory of Anthony Van Ampting, $75.

Michael Fosdick, $50.

Eugene Foushee, $50.

Tom Foust, in memory of Abe Aragon, $100.

Roger Fox, $50.

Vera Gates, $150.

GFWC-ESO 5th Wheels, $50.

Karen Gietl, $150.

Alan and Barbara Gilbert, $25.

Bob and Joy Glasser ,$200.

Ellen Glenn, $100.

Patricia Glover, $50.

Rolland Goins, $200.

James Greene, $50.

Roberto M. Guerrero, $100.

Mark Gurrier, $25.

J. Robert Hadd, $100.

Steve Halper, $100.

Dewey and Linnea Hammond, in memory of their beloved granddaughter, Sabrina Joy, $75.

Chuck and Nan Hannan, in memory of our daughter, Julie Hannan La Rue, $100.

Bonnie Harris, $150.

June Harris, $100.

Leslie Hathway, $10.

Jane Haynes, in memory of Kari Seward, $100.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hennelly, $50.

Trudy Hersch, $25.

Dorthy Hess, $300.

Edwin Holliday, $10.

Claudia Howell, $100.

Nancy and Gary Howell, $100.

Joyce Hughey, $100.

Charles Hutchison, $200.

Helen Ingram, $100.

Debra Jackley, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene T. Dickinson, $25.

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Jackson, $50.

Charles James, $20.

Fredric Jandrey, $100.

Carmen Jerez, $25.

Robert, Eric and Karen Johnson, $20.

Jeremy Kahn, $100.

More donations will be acknowledged in the coming week.