The Arizona Daily Star's Sportsmen's Fund Send a Kid to Camp program raises money so children from low-income households and military families can attend overnight YMCA, Boy Scout and Girl Scout and Camp Courage burn camps.

Our goal is to raise $170,000 to send 770 kids to weeklong overnight camps this summer. So far we have received 1,251 donations totaling $118,750 with the summer camp season now under way. We are shy about $51,000.

Your contribution is tax-deductible, qualifying for the state's working-poor charitable tax credit of up to $400 and is welcome throughout the year.

The Sportsmen's Fund, one of the oldest 501(c)(3) charities in Southern Arizona, was founded in 1947.

Since then, thanks to Arizona Daily Star readers, we have helped to pay for 35,869 children to go to camp.

Recent donations include:

Milton Agte, $50.

Henry and Betsy Earl Bogen, $100.

Elaine Carlton, $100.

David Cohen, $100.

Sharon Costello, $25.

Marcella Dart, $50.

Roger Deshaies, $400.

Walt and Chris Fish, in memory of Sally Ann Fish, $50.

Frances Foy, $25.

Toyo Gilman, in memory of Rick "Rico" Leele, $25.

Karen and David Hammond, in memory of Deby Wiest, $100.

Elizabeth Harrison, $100.

Claudia Howell, $50.

John Johnson, $100.

Edith Kleiss, $10.

Shirley Lazo, $100.

Susan Mann, $100.

Sandra Maxfield, $100.

Timothy and Tamara McHugh, $100.

John Merlin, $50.

Michael Niemira, $100.

Pantano Rotary Club, $200.

Lois Rains, $50.

Cody Ritchie, $1,000.

Judith Sellers, $100.

Shellie Simler, $100.

Angela and Alan Stein Jr., $100.

Carolyn Stewart, in memory of Nixon Low, $25.

Ruth Mary Sutterley, special thanks to the Hawkins family, $200.

Susan Thompson, $100.

Douglas Vought, $100.

Marcia Weary, $100.

Rebecca and Mel Weinberg, $100.

William Wertz, $50.

Jim and Nancy Whitney, $100.

Dane Woll, $250.

Five anonymous donations totaling $560.


• Credit-card donations: www.azsendakidto

• Send checks, payable to Send a Kid to Camp, to: Send a Kid to Camp, P.O. Box 16141, Tucson, AZ 85732-6141.

• For more information: Senior Editor Debbie Kornmiller at 434-4080 or

Why I give

In memory of Philip Archambault. Philip is my deceased husband. He was on the first faculty at Pueblo High School. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the kids who benefit from camp sponsorships could be grandchildren of pupils Philip had at Pueblo. I know Philip would want to help sending a kid to camp.

- Nancy Pendelton Goodwin

More donations will be acknowledged in the coming week.